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How does it work?

Your customers can simply download the free WAPPoint Loyalty app. You will then get notified when that customer checks in on the App every time they visit your business in order to get a stamp or accumulate points towards their loyalty rewards.

What are the benefits of going digital with my loyalty programme?

  • Better customer experience; who wants to carry cards for every place of business they visit. With WAPPoint Loyalty it’s conveniently located on their phone.
  • No more fraud: Some staff will stamp lots of paper stamp cards in order for their friends to redeem the free rewards. With WAPPoint Loyalty, every stamp or point is tracked and monitored digitally.
  • Full statistics, since WAPPoint Loyalty is digital, it’s easy to track every customer’s visit and track their history on your online dashboard.
  • Get noticed amongst other businesses in your area & drive new customers to your store. For example a customer might use the WAPPoint Loyalty App at a hairdresser and discover your business around the corner.

Can I change my specials and loaylty points and update company details at any time?

Yes. You can easily change/update your customer rewards and add new ones whenever you like via the online merchant dashboard.

What type of loyalty rewards can I offer?

Rewards can be anything you want to offer (E.g. Free items, a % discount off an item or bill, or event, etc.) Speak to any of our agents who can advise you on various reward ideas to achieve your goal.

What is a push notification?

A push notification is a promotion sent out with a certain time limit, that is available only to customers after receiving a point or reward, which is to try and incentivise them to return quickly or during off-peak hours.

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